Tuesday, 28 April 2009


Anyone in Hull? Well, if you are that lucky - get to ST STEPHEN'S CHURCH HALL, SPRING BANK (corner of Freehold Street) to witness Scots/US goof troop BRITTLE HAMMER TRIO (aka Fritz Welch, Ali Robertson, Euan Currie) and creepy chick gang LEXIE MOUNTAIN BOYS. Show starts 8pm, and is FREE (donations, of course, most very welcome).

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Brittle Hammer and other shows....

Some gigs coming up which youz should get a shift on and get to:::
GIANT TANK has a new home for it's experimental weird-ass sounds:

= Yorkshire noise topographist Neil Campbell has been exploring psychedlic improv territories since the 1980s with the likes of The A Band, Sunroof! & Vibracathedral Orchestra. Tonight he provides Auld Reekie with co-ordinates necessary to reach unknown stellar regions of post-technoid dancefloor full of folks who don't dance. Follow the zoned out guy with the white(y) gloves & get lost!

= Outsider folkie chanter Drew Wright sings auld time blues for his supper from his multiple mouths across a bellies worth of Quarter Cask matured loops, found percussives & sozzled "booze-nae-tea" hand claps.

= Decaer Pinga/Hockyfrilla scream queen employs person centred approach to console Usurper brother on the departure of his Missing Twin with a real OUT splurge of noise tape-japes & sparse junk clunk.

Doors= 7pm. Cost= £5.
Show finishes by 10pm so arrive EARLY to avoid disappointment!
Sneaky Pete's, 73 Cowgate, Edinburgh, EH1 1JW.


Saturday 25th April
Stereo, Renfield Lane, Glasgow. £6 on the door
7 Things/ Behaviour closing party, featuring:::::::
BRITTLE HAMMER (new trio of Fritz welch, Ali Robertson, Euan Currie, see the photo eh)
MUSCLETUSK W/ NEIL DAVIDSON (tape junk spazzers join improv strings dude for good times)
+ lots more, even Tam Dean Burn fi River City in some capacity.
Go here for more info


Monday, 13 April 2009

Dead Labour Process "Tit Laws"

Retarded cassette on the amazing Scumbag tapes. Manky old reel to reel tapes that were full of soft sounds, then I went and stupided all over them. The sound sample below is, rest assured, the least dumb ass material from the tape. Lots of attempts at skat singing and stoner rock played on toy electronics. SOLD OUT here.
Go straight to the horses ass>>>


Smear Campaign "Gagged and Bound (I Wish I Was)"

Northern England's malnourished scum monkey in dirty noise shocker...

Four tracks of trumpet vs electronic skree spewed forth.


So deal with it.

01 Sigh and Come.mp3

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Tramp Apples Vol 1

Weirdo superjam band from the lower recesses of the dirty basement cicuit. Recorded in a dirty basement, Edinburgh, September 2007. No copies left from me, but get it from www.weirdorecords.com or www.hansonrecords.net


4 edit two.mp3

Spectral Fairground "Bondye Playschool Voyager"

Lonely childhood ghost mong outs on bedroom gear. Recycled tapes sandwiched between painted card, stuck on info.


Saturday, 4 April 2009

Dead Labour Process "Lone Throat"

Cassette of solo vocals, mangled through tapes and stuck back together. As Tabs Out reckons: "...persistent oddball vocal manipulations with a dispersed use of looped weirdness. In the book Born To Talk by Lloyd M. Hulit and Merle R. Howard they discuss a form of speech known as echolalia, which is an imitation of words, phrases, or even whole sentences in the absence of an understanding of what they are saying. You see it in a bunch of different cases, including those with autism, Tourette syndrome, schizophrenia, etc... I'm not saying that the person or persons behind the Dead Labour Process moniker is inflicted with any of those disabilities (not there's anything wrong with that) but I wouldn't be blown away to find out that they did after listening to this tape."

Buy here music fanz, 3 pounds sterling plus P+P