Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Tramp Apples

Tramp Apples Vol 1 was a CD documenting a one off meeting between some backward goons in a dingy basement. The whole session was too much for 1 CD, so here's the part that never made it. Look out bucket drumming, stump handed guitar and group moaning.

Listen and download here>>>>

Oddities of the Lothians

Probably my favourite thing I've put out. Field recordings made in various locations around the Lothians, twisted and regurgitated. You can probably buy it some places still if you want a physical copy, but its up for free download elsewhere so fuck it, here you go....

Dead Labour Process "Lone Keys"

Very first release on Unverified, from Dec 07.
Solo single finger keyboard.
Download and listen to the whole damn thing right here>>>