Tuesday, 19 January 2010



UN027 Fordell Reseach Unit “Hater” CDR £4
From the misty hills of Oxgangs, more thousand-mile worrying from the pit of a bong. Gorgeous elongated drifting with a sharper tongue than most. None of that hippy shite here pal. SOLD OUT!

UN028 Fossils “Super Unknown/Zipper Exam” c60 £3
More Canadian weirdo sound. A full hour of far off clanking, ear ache and general lo tech wizardry. If side A is a reimagining of that Soundgarden record, it’s a pretty warped one. I swear I heard “Spoonman” in there somewhere…


UN029 DIOS Project “Ephemeral Women” c20 £3
Starting with a teary playground recording and ending with some hazed-up fog stomp, Derrick Leach AKA DIOS Project gives you a quick once over with the contents of his toy box. The sound he done brewed makes me think of snow melting away and other rebirth/renewal metaphors.

UN030 Dead Labour Process/Retail Unit “Bearers of Bad Time” CDR £4
Myself and Mr. Sandy Milroy bring the bad vibes. DLP stuff is all entangled croaking, biscuit tin percussion and backward spooling. RU is the bleakest, sweatiest club you ever been in, on the wettest night of the most miserable day of your life. It may just be me but this whole disc just reeks of Thatcherite rain…

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