Sunday, 3 October 2010



Muscletusk "Ask the Universe" LP
Braw Records

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"A relentlessly sludgy stew...Scattershot drum-powered metal guitars collide with washing machine electronics and manic wordless vocals that in the record’s quietest moments sound like some feral alien cave-creature’s mating call straight out of Quatermass. A perfect hallucinogenic Halloween accompaniment; this is an earth’s core horror movie soundtrack in waiting" - Neil Cooper, The List.

"It’s often easy to spot a Metal attitude lurking under the surface of a Noise group but, in the case of Edinburgh quartet Muscletusk, it breaks the surface like a particularly nasty zit. At heart, this is a heavy rock unit of guitars, drums and vocals, who have escaped the tyranny of the riff. On this debut vinyl release, drums clatter and thrash in a way that’s free-form yet devoid of jazz; guitars puke and churn extreme feedback and Industrial noise; wordless, abstracted vocals shriek and gibber. The resulting thuggish onslaught is bent into loops and swirling, queasy drones, several of which are stitched together here in a brutal, slightly nauseating collage. Taken in one go, it’s like drowning in a cement mixer" - Daniel Spicer

"From the darkest of scuzz-coated cellars comes the debut LP from Edinburgh’s finest proponents of creeping noise slime. If this retching onslaught was blasting out from under your neighbours’ door, you’d probably walk past shudde...ring and ready to invest in ear plugs. Opener “Rusted Horse” sets an immaculate tone, as decaying swathes of sickening electronics rush up to nauseous heights, complimented by hysterical chimp-like vocal chattering. Free drums skitter and scramble around somewhere down by the nether regions and, all in all, it makes for a pretty fantastic white-out. Six further pieces pursue this course before the final sputtering discharge of “Fingers Inside The Glove”. God knows what answer Muscletusk expects of the universe, but it could possibly be found by playing this LP at full volume while power drilling into your forehead in search of a third eye." - Euan Andrews, Rock-a-Rolla

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