Sunday, 20 June 2010


There has been so much weirdo shit happening in E'burgh recently that my fancy wee portable recorder has been ran clean out o' battteries. In thoroughly modern fashion, please stream and download many audio and visual delights hence...


BRITTLE HAMMER TRIO - video AND audio from 14th June show with Spencer Clark & James Ferraro. Perfromance art extravaganza.

And here's the audio. Mind and crank it to hear those subtle pops and clicks that really make the whole "live experience" thing real...

-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_------- - --- -- - -- -- -- - - -

^(^(^(^(^(^(^(^(^(^(^^^^((( 9( &^^^9((( &&& --_-_---- -_ _--_______----- --

DEAD RIB STINK - live trio set from June 23rd at Canon's Gait, Edinburgh. Look out for more from this haphazard three way...

and while we're at it....Here's a solo Ash Reid aka Solipstink set from 22nd May 2010...

__0000((((----- --((- -0000_____ 00---___ - --- 000000000


We have an LP coming out soon on Braw Records. Here is a live set from the same date as the Solipstink set above...

And back in March, two Muscletusks collaborated with two Helhestens to form the controversially named MUSCLESTEN
Listen below.....


Phew, almost there...

And further back, in February (I think) two Muscletusks collaborated with Marky Mark "Loose Cannon" Callan to perform under the name WinsorDamonBeast, which is usually the alter-ego of one of those Muscletusks, when in solo mode.
Got that? Here's the recording...

Saturday, 12 June 2010


Seen as this short jaunt has me playing a show in Toronto while I'm on holiday there, I thought I'd class it as a (caps lock on...) WORLD TOUR! I know that misses out a substantial portion of the world, and its pretty much only Prague, Germany and Belgium, but who knows, maybe more dates will get added due to phenomenal demand...Click on the abundant links below to get more info, kids...

Thurs July 15th: Toronto, Canada @ Teranga, w/ Bryan Ruryk, Kevin Crump, Safe

Monday August 2nd: Prague, Czech Republic @ K4 Students Club, Charles University, Celetná 20.

Tues August 3rd: Prague, Czech Republic @ Globe Bookstore, vocal/text set w/ Graeme Smith, Jorge Beohringer

Sat 7th August: Berlin, Germany @ Die Kunstapotheke, w/ Nude On Sand

Mon 9th August: Ghent, Belgium? Maybe just hanging out here and here

Tues 10th August: Brussels, Belgium – Radio Panik session 5-6pm, then gig at MicroMarche, doors 8pm.

Wed 11th August: Hamburg, Germany @ Horbar, w/ Kommissar Hjuler & Mama Baer (trio), Chad Popple?

Thurs 12th August: Offenbach, near Frankfurt, Germany @ Waggon