Sunday, 14 August 2011

NEW RELEASES - August 2011


UK add 5op per CD
Eur £1 for 1st item, 50p each additional
World £1.50 first item, 50p each additional

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UN033 Lovely Honkey "The Destitute Homeless Form Part Of The Scenery" CDR £4

"Album of the year!" - Ali Robertson (Usurper)

Isolated by the brown water, Luke Poot's one fingered directions into 4am TV-land feel like they've only seen the light of day seeping through stained curtains, then been so freaked out he scuttled back under the bed to fumble out some of that "music" he heard the neighbours talking about through the walls...Now stop talking with your mouth full...

UN034 Core Of The Coalman "Precambrian Figures" CDR £4

Metaphysical slabs of composerly wisdom mangled by intermittent mad-scientist haphazard whims. Praha's wizard of the viola gives the horse hair a rest, instead focusing his mind's ears on the sounds of slow moving rocks, fixed point synth channelling and hands catching lead (half speed, naturally...). Includes intimate explanatory notes by the artiste.

UN035 Hunting, Shooting and Fishing "Buckshot/Quiverful" CDR £4

Hot new East/West Coast hook up (by way of the South) featuring a member of Helhesten. What starts out like a bunch of kids from Alan Bryant's bouncing little people planet soon disintegrates into grainy unthunk smog. Both epic and intimate, stand back and its a hobo flute on the mountaintop and strings picking out a half-forgotten childhood melody; look at the details and it's two soft lads in motheaten sweaters hunched over their busted instruments in a freezing room, twitching to keep warm.

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  1. save me a honkey for my visit.this track is ciller.