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Prices include postage
All four of em postpaid - £15 UK, £18 Eur, £20 World 
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UN036 Fritz Welch & Duncan Bruce CDr (£4 UK, £5 Eur, £6.50 world)
Fritz Welch is a universal oddity, currently seeping ether paste from his Glasgow penthouse into the universal -  spraying muck over the soft handed GIO, dancing in Brazil, riding in cars in South Africa. Duncan Bruce, from my initial assessment, appears to be a resident of New Zealand, and has somehow located Mr Welch through the postal service to produce this disc of lost chatter and tinny scree. If I was writing in a magazine I’d say “singular”. Each sleeve is unique, hand stamped from a hand cut eraser.

UN037 Grant Smith and Greg Thomas CDr (£4 UK, £5 Eur, £6.50 world)
Endless corridors of mistrung violins, guitars played with traintrack teeth and it’s cold so you keep your coat on. Traditional instruments you may have heard of (violin and guitar, for the most part) being stretched to breaking point by hardy gents with no respect for your time. Electricity intervenes in the play like a weary ghost.

UN038 Sindre Bjerga "Smooth Operator" CDr (£4 UK, £5 Eur, £6.50 world)
Sindre Bjerga hails from the Northern Hemisphere, and each year on the same date he plays a live concert in Edinburgh. Every year, this falls on the same night as someone’s birthday, another concert or a prior engagement, and thus I have never seen him play live. I have, however, heard various recordings of his mind soup wildcard tonal interplay, of which this release is an example. Two long tracks, which might have been destined for an LP, except it’s all digital round here now, we’re entering the CD era…

UN039 Muscletusk "No Hink" 2CDr (£8 UK, £10 Eur, £12 World)
Follow up to LP “Ask The Universe”, with less fi as a result of being recorded underground and left to rot in the mice ridden vaults. Indeterminate timeframes collide under a haze of gristle. Rock band set up trying to erase itself. Peaks and troughs of red and yellow, bells and accelerator. Two discs worth, as intended as a premium slice. Here’s what someone said about another release: “Scattershot drum-powered metal guitars collide with washing machine electronics and manic wordless vocals that in the record’s quietest moments sound like some feral alien cave-creature’s mating call straight out of Quatermass” (Neil Cooper, The List). Plush coloured sleeves and grotty black and white inserts.

COMING NEXT: Chastity Potatoe, Marvo Men, Robert Ridley Shackleton, Dead Labour Process...

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